About Us

Entante Creationz seeks to support, strengthen, and empower individuals and families through a broad continuum of community-based services that meet the needs and values of the community. The agency is guided by a commitment to individual dignity, service excellence, accountability, volunteerism and belief in the solidarity of the human family.

Entante Crestionz will be the largest, most integrated, strongest & most effective social and personal service agency in the area . Entante' Creationz will meet the needs of the people and have a high level of customer satisfaction in all its programs and services. Entante Crestionz will be advocates in the community for social awareness, education and social action. Entante Crestionz will have positive name recognition throughout its service area for all its contributions to the community. This will lead to a strong financial position through donations & grants ensuring that Entante Crestionz will continue its mission.